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Any of numerous hymenopteran insects of the suborder Symphyta, the females of which have sawlike ovipositors used for cutting into plant tissue to deposit their eggs, and the plant-feeding larvae of which sometimes damage crops and trees.


n, pl -flies
(Animals) any of various hymenopterous insects of the family Tenthredinidae and related families, the females of which have a sawlike ovipositor



n., pl. -flies.
any of numerous insects of the family Tenthredinidae, the female of which has a sawlike ovipositor for inserting the eggs in the tissues of a host plant.
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Noun1.sawfly - insect whose female has a saw-like ovipositor for inserting eggs into the leaf or stem tissue of a host plantsawfly - insect whose female has a saw-like ovipositor for inserting eggs into the leaf or stem tissue of a host plant
hymenopter, hymenopteran, hymenopteron, hymenopterous insect - insects having two pairs of membranous wings and an ovipositor specialized for stinging or piercing
birch leaf miner, Fenusa pusilla - small black sawfly native to Europe but established in eastern United States; larvae mine the leaves of birches causing serious defoliation
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Inspect gooseberries for sawfly, remove if found and prune current season's growth back to five leaves.
The Sawfly Shooters Kit includes three high-contrast lenses: clear, smoke and vermillion.
Mrs C Hudson Mrs C Hudson ATHEY ATHEY are probably larvae of the rose Sawfly.
Mrs C Hudson, Newcastle CAROL: They are probably larvae of the rose sawfly.
I'M not an insect expert but I'm pretty sure your killer hornet is a sawfly.
For example, the Manufacturer's Part Number and National Stock Number on Revision Sawfly eyewear kits are the same as those listed on a 2011 fact sheet on authorized spectacles posted at the U.
Using host records, we have analyzed use patterns of caterpillar and sawfly species on native and non-native woody plants common to suburban landscapes in the southeastern United States.
Following extensive user trials and meeting stringent performance requirements, Revision s Sawfly Eyewear was selected as the all-purpose ballistic spectacle of choice.
The host plant, herbivorous insect, and fungus in my study were pinyon pine, the pinyon pine sawfly Neodiprion edulicolus, and a species of needle rust fungus in the genus Coleosporium.
Recently, a sawfly, Arge xanthogaster (Cameron 1876) (Hymenoptera: Argidae) (Figs.