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Noun1.sawpit - a pit over which lumber is positioned to be sawed by two men with a long two-handed sawsawpit - a pit over which lumber is positioned to be sawed by two men with a long two-handed saw
cavity, pit - a sizeable hole (usually in the ground); "they dug a pit to bury the body"
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The grating wind sawed rather than blew; and as it sawed, the sawdust whirled about the sawpit.
Two dismally absurd persons, each ostentatiously exhibiting a crutch done up in a black bandage - as if that instrument could possibly communicate any comfort to anybody - were posted at the front door; and in one of them I recognized a postboy discharged from the Boar for turning a young couple into a sawpit on their bridal morning, in consequence of intoxication rendering it necessary for him to ride his horse clasped round the neck with both arms.
They also volunteer for the quarterly roadside clean-ups on Big Talbot Island and in 2017, the couple committed to join Team Terrapin, a volunteer team dedicated to monitor diamondback terrapin nesting sites near Big Talbot Island and Sawpit Islands.
23sec (+50), the time just seven spots outside of the mark set by Sawpit Sensation in the 2012 Eclipse final.
The facilities under threat Huyton Court Hey Park Alt Park Bowring Park Jubilee Park King George V Playing Fields Huyton Wetlands McGoldrick Park Sawpit Park Ten Acre Pits Woodland Whiston Stadt Moers Park Henley Park Stockbridge Village Littlewood Kirkby Mill Dam Park Acornfield Plantation Local Nature Reserve Millbrook Park Millennium Green Northwood Forest Hills St Chad's Gardens Webster Park Memorial Park Halewood Park Prescot Eaton Street Recreation Ground
Our 485m track record was broken by the David Hunt-trained Sawpit Sensation in June, he bolted from the traps and strode majestically clear to stop the clock in 28.
Sawpit-2, an exploration well in South Australia's PEL 495, reached a total depth of 2,585 metres and encountered minor shows in the Upper Sawpit Shale and basement.
TGB worked really well with Sawpit Samba, the pair going three times up the Cheltenham stretch.
The race was the final chapter in the Taylors Sky story, with the 2011 Derby winner off to stud with Sean Bourke in Ireland after a gallant effort in second place behind the new kid on the block, Sawpit Sensation.
The facelift follows a successful funding bid from the Friends of McGoldrick and Sawpit parks, supported by Knowsley council's Green Spaces team.
Dave removes the planks covering the sawpit then opens the green metal casing.
The best bet at Towcester is the Venetia Williamstrained Sawpit Supreme (3.