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1. Having teeth resembling the teeth of a saw: saw-toothed sharks.
2. often saw·tooth (-to͞oth′) Having a jagged or zigzag pattern, outline, or course; serrate: a saw-toothed mountain range; a sawtooth curve.


1. (Electronics) (of a waveform) having an amplitude that varies linearly with time between two values, the interval in one direction often being much greater than the other
2. (Electronics) having or generating such a waveform



n., pl. -teeth (-ˌtiθ)

adj. n.
1. one of the cutting teeth of a saw.
2. having a zigzag profile, like that of the cutting edge of a saw; serrate.
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Noun1.sawtooth - a serration on a saw blade
saw - hand tool having a toothed blade for cutting
serration - a single notch in a row of notches; "one of the serrations was broken off"


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Roads through Idaho's Sawtooth, for example, are likely to see bumper-to-bumper traffic in the days before and during the eclipse, Nelson said.
Because Sawtooth and Harriman produce good yields, growers don't have to sacrifice quantity to take advantage of the grains' unique traits that reduce environmental pollution.
Data, regardless of where it originates, is maintained and verified across an encrypted, distributed network that utilizes Hyperledger Sawtooth and Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX).
6 Sew together 4 cream 2" squares, 4 flying geese and green 3 1/2" square to complete Sawtooth Star Block (Diagram VI).
The Nature Conservancy has worked closely with a private landowner and funders to establish a pair of conservation easements on Sawtooth Mountain, located in the Davis Mountains of West Texas, the company said.
Sawtooth Development lists 14 projects in its portfolio, according to its website.
Not only will it now look top-notch, but bowhunters will still receive Sawtooth Vibration Dampening Technology to make it a completely practical accessory as well.
For you acorn lovers, researchers at North Carolina State University compared acorn production and attractiveness for white oak acorns and sawtooth oak acorns.
Reconnection is also the process by which the Sun unleashes massive flares and that causes so-called sawtooth crashes, an active topic of investigation for plasma physicists trying to harness nuclear fusion in the lab.
Interchangeable sawtooth disperser blades are available (2", 3", 3.
A sawtooth dock with a stiff-leg crane allows fishermen to drive vehicles right out to their boats and conveniently load and unload gear.