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1. Having teeth resembling the teeth of a saw: saw-toothed sharks.
2. often saw·tooth (-to͞oth′) Having a jagged or zigzag pattern, outline, or course; serrate: a saw-toothed mountain range; a sawtooth curve.


1. (Electronics) (of a waveform) having an amplitude that varies linearly with time between two values, the interval in one direction often being much greater than the other
2. (Electronics) having or generating such a waveform



n., pl. -teeth (-ˌtiθ)

adj. n.
1. one of the cutting teeth of a saw.
2. having a zigzag profile, like that of the cutting edge of a saw; serrate.
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Noun1.sawtooth - a serration on a saw blade
saw - hand tool having a toothed blade for cutting
serration - a single notch in a row of notches; "one of the serrations was broken off"


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Upgrades start with diamond-turned 18-inch Sawtooth alloy wheels which can be fitted to Defenders built from 1994 model year onwards.
*18-inch Sawtooth wheels are a direct bolt-on fitment for Defenders built after VIN LA930456, which was built on 30 April 1993.
Fear of God's black nubuck high-top Hiking sneakers are designed with a comfortable padded collar and a slip-resistant thick sawtooth sole.
This paper presents a proposal of a new way to generate noise with uniform PDF, based on a non-equidistant sampling of sawtooth voltage.
These 10-gallon models feature an additional sawtooth blade on each disperser shaft, doubling the shear input capacity of the mixer.
Synopsis: Peace has reigned in Cruachan since Seamus, the first High King, united the three kingdoms into a Confederation and, with the assistance of the dwarfs from the Sawtooth Mountains in the north and the elves from the Tangled Woods in the east, drove the occupying Northmen from the island nation.
Additionally, the Partnership also closed the Sawtooth natural gas liquids and refined products joint venture with Magnum Liquids, LLC, a portfolio company of Haddington Ventures LLC, along with Magnum Development, LLC and other Haddington-sponsored investment entities on March 30, 2018.
Tulsa-based NGL also closed the Sawtooth natural gas liquids and refined products joint venture with Magnum Liquids, a portfolio company of Haddington Ventures.
This paper developed a concept model for infilled joints (shown in Figure 1(a)) in which the joint surface is idealized as sawtooth shape.
In addition, the facility will incorporate features to support employee wellness and job satisfaction, such as a 2,000-square-foot fitness center overlooking the Sawtooth Mountains; a 7,000-square-foot, sun-filled gathering space for town halls, shared meals, daily relaxation and special celebrations; and wellness rooms for new mothers.
The enterprise blockchain is to run on Hyperledger Sawtooth, a modular platform for developing and deploying blockchains.
Often the first oak to drop acorns is an exotic species called the sawtooth oak, which may drop as early as sometime in September.