sawyer beetle

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Noun1.sawyer beetle - any of several beetles whose larvae bore holes in dead or dying trees especially coniferssawyer beetle - any of several beetles whose larvae bore holes in dead or dying trees especially conifers
long-horned beetle, longicorn, longicorn beetle - long-bodied beetle having very long antennae
genus Monochamus, Monochamus - sawyer beetles
pine sawyer - large beetle whose larvae bore holes in pine trees
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However, departmental entomologists and biosecurity officers have confirmed the presence of the Asian longhorn beetle, the brown mulberry longhorn beetle and the Japanese sawyer beetle in some pallets.
Linden Street, person brought an Asian Longhorn Beetle to the station; the tree warden said it is a Northern Sawyer Beetle.
Pine wilt disease is caused by the pinewood nemarode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Plate 1) (Steiner et Buhrer) Nickle (Kiyohara and Tokushige 1971), which is vectored by a pine sawyer beetle native to Japan, Monochamus alternatus Hope (Plate 2) (Mamiya and Enda 1972, Morimoto and Iwasaki 1972).
Department of Agriculture left a message yesterday assuring him that, based on a photograph published in the Telegram & Gazette, the insect was a whitespotted pine sawyer beetle, not the invasive Asian longhorned beetle that has led to a massive eradication effort in Worcester.
People living in Royalston and Charlton each thought they had an Asian longhorned beetle cruising through their yards today, but now believe they have a look-alike insect known as the whitespotted pine sawyer beetle.
The pine sawyer beetle is found from Newfoundland south to the Carolinas, then west to Minnesota, and north to Alaska.
The Wentworths give out cards to customers showing the beetle and a similar-looking, but less damaging, white spotted pine sawyer beetle.
The ecological, in addition to biological uniqueness and development of sawyer beetles (Monochamus alternates) are also discussed.
Sensilla on the antennal flagellum of the sawyer beetles Monochamus notatus (Drury) and Monochamus scutellatus (Say) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae).