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Noun1.saxist - a musician who plays the saxophonesaxist - a musician who plays the saxophone  
alto saxophonist, altoist - a musician who plays the alto saxophone
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
tenor saxophonist, tenorist - a musician who plays the tenor saxophone
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Musicians comprise: Mike Sorrentino on drums, bassist Carras Paton, guitarist Boo Refiners, Rob Preuss on keyboards, Tom Gallaher on piano, and saxist Carras Paton.
Help was on hand from guitarist Dom Brown, saxist Simon Willescroft and miniskirted singers Jessie Wagner and Annie Ross.
Xmas eve gave us an eclectic benefit concert for the Sixth Street Community Synagogue, where saxist Greg Wall (Hasidic New Wave) presides as rabbi.
He said: "One week the Selmer Four, who were popular nationally at that time, came to Newcastle and their tenor saxist was taken ill.
Saxist Allen was a much more emotional player, whose torrid solos were wrenched from his horn.
Virile solos were turned in by Garanian himself, tenor saxist Ivan Volkov, drummer Vladimir Zurkin and trumpeter Viktor Gusseinov.
transaction costs that would be incurred in a Saxist world.
Today offers two concerts with the first spotlighting the talents of North American Sid Jacobs and Argentinian Luis D'Agostina with saxist Mike Hall and bassist Bill Coleman completing the line-up for a show titled North Meets South for obvious reasons.
Each member of the orchestra had their solo and in tenor saxist Jason Bauer they have a real extrovert showman who worked his socks off.
With each chorus, the fine section--trombonist Curtis Fowlkes, saxist Billy Drewes and trumpeter Ron Miles--connects the riffs, filling in until they're almost continuous, a Monkish counterpoint to hillbilly jazz heaven.
The band that presents this recreation of the Mulligan quartet - baritone sax, trombone, bass and drums - is normally led by saxist Andy Panayi.