say farewell

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Verb1.say farewell - say good-bye or bid farewell
greet, recognise, recognize - express greetings upon meeting someone
usher out, dismiss - end one's encounter with somebody by causing or permitting the person to leave; "I was dismissed after I gave my report"
welcome, receive - bid welcome to; greet upon arrival
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Sara Ray had vowed tearfully the night before that she would be up in the morning to say farewell.
Dear Fairy, the fairest flowers have cheered me with their sweet breath, fresh dew and fragrant leaves have been ever ready for me, gentle hands to tend, kindly hearts to love; and for this I can only thank you and say farewell.
Nothing in the world is more certain than that I must say farewell to you and all of my good friends here.
In was Margaret, More's beloved daughter, who, fearing that never again she might see her father, thus came in the open street to say farewell.
how it hurts me to recall the mournful gatherings before our departure, and to recall how bitterly I wept when the time came for us to say farewell to all that I had held so dear
I think, dear," he added, bending over her to say farewell, "that you should have been the man
He was permitted to say farewell to his weeping family, and was then marched away into the darkness which swallowed him up forever.
If you cannot see me without tormenting me as you have lately done, I would gladly say farewell and never see you more.
Unless you do something speedily to put an end to this continual plundering, I must say farewell.
Dinah looked as if she did not see Adam, and fixed her eyes on Seth's face, saying with calm kindness, "I won't say farewell.
My boat is on the shore and my bark is on the sea, but before I pass this door I will say farewell to thee,' murmured Dick, looking gloomily upon her.
I believe every one was glad to say farewell to Chiloe; yet if we could forget the gloom and ceaseless rain of winter, Chiloe might pass for a charming island.