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anything that can be said or stated
1. capable of being said or uttered
2. capable of being said effectively
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(ˈseɪ ə bəl)

1. of the sort that can be said or spoken.
2. capable of being said or stated clearly, effectively, etc.
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The stases help rhetors "choose among all things sayable about a debatable topic" (Prelli, 1989, p.
145) and it "is the unsaid or sayable inscribed in everything said by virtue of being enunciated; it is the fragment of memory that is always forgotten in the act of saying 'I'." (AGAMBEN 1998b, p.
Foucault's archeological method sought to uncover how the order of things was dependent on the configuration of the visible and the sayable, that is, on what one can see and not see, hear or not hear, and understand either as noise or as discourse.
Brison, survivor of a violent assault that almost took her life, asks, "How can we speak about the unspeakable without attempting to render it intelligible and sayable?" (19)
The dream of a suitable political work of art is in fact the dream of disrupting the relation between the visible, the sayable and the thinkable without having to use the terms of a message as a vehicle.
Like Cinna, like the Indian in 1835, many live in political predicaments where what is sayable is increasingly limited: US President Donald Trump's xenophobic "America First" rhetoric; the parochial insularity of Brexit; concerted attacks upon experts and literary intellectuals in Turkey, India, China, and elsewhere.
The more [the established parties] try to stigmatize the AfD because of provocative words or actions, the more positive that is for the profile of AfD.' (20) Pushing the boundaries of the sayable is an art that the AfD has mastered.
Kadare is still mapping out the boundaries of Albanian, a relatively recent literary language, where everything is new and newly sayable. He is the first of its writers to achieve an international standing.
It is the material representation of the given 'sayable' discursive policies and practices (Deleuze, 1999) where '...
A summa, of sorts, of Agamben's thought, "What Is Philosophy?" consists of five essays on five emblematic topics: the Voice, the Sayable, the Demand, the Proem, and the Muse.
The aim is instead to examine what is sayable about residential schools within a community of teachers, analyzing the ways in which some discourses are taken as truth while others are excluded, constrained, or limited.
If indeed language is a system of differences and the sayable appears as a figure against the ground of the unsaid, then it is possible to imagine an attack on difference and distinction, an attempt to "say" everything at once and dissolve the ground against which the shape of meaning appears.