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v. said (sĕd), say·ing, says (sĕz)
1. To utter aloud; pronounce: The children said, "Good morning."
2. To express in words: Say what's on your mind.
a. To state as an opinion or judgment; declare: I say let's eat out.
b. To state as a determination of fact: It's hard to say who is right in this matter.
c. To report or maintain; allege: It is said he is a fraud.
4. To repeat or recite: said grace.
a. To indicate; show: The clock says half past two.
b. To give nonverbal expression to; signify or embody: It was an act that said "devotion."
6. To suppose; assume: Let's say that you're right.
To make a statement or express an opinion or judgment: The story must be true because the teacher said so.
1. A turn or chance to speak: Having had my say, I sat down.
2. The right or power to influence or make a decision: Citizens have a say in the councils of government. All I want is some say in the matter.
3. Archaic Something said; a statement.
1. Approximately: There were, say, 500 people present.
2. For instance: a woodwind, say an oboe.
Used to express surprise or appeal for someone's attention.
I say
1. Used preceding an utterance to call attention to it: I say, do you have the time?
2. Used as an exclamation of surprise, delight, or dismay.
that is to say
In other words.
to say nothing of
And there is no need to mention. Used to allude to things that fill out an idea or argument: The yard is a mess, to say nothing of the house.
you can say that again Slang
Used to express strong agreement with what has just been said.

[Middle English seien, from Old English secgan; see sekw- in Indo-European roots.]

say′er n.
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"For every one the want that is bad," said the grey Sayer of the Law.
"For every one the want is bad," said the grey Sayer of the Law.
For the Universe has three children, born at one time, which reappear under different names in every system of thought, whether they be called cause, operation, and effect; or, more poetically, Jove, Pluto, Neptune; or, theologically, the Father, the Spirit, and the Son; but which we will call here the Knower, the Doer, and the Sayer. These stand respectively for the love of truth, for the love of good, and for the love of beauty.
The poet is the sayer, the namer, and represents beauty.
And so in groups where debate is earnest, and especially on high questions, the company become aware that the thought rises to an equal level in all bosoms, that all have a spiritual property in what was said, as well as the sayer. They all become wiser than they were.
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