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adj. scab·bi·er, scab·bi·est
1. Having, consisting of, or covered with scabs.
2. Affected with scab or scabies.
3. Informal Contemptible; vile: scabby greed.

scab′bi·ly adv.
scab′bi·ness n.
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Psoroptes infection is characterized by extreme crusting, scaliness, scabbiness and itchiness of the external ear canal and pinnae, but the same clinical signs can be seen in lips, nose, neck, legs and sometimes around genitalia in case of Sarcoptes infestations.
In like manner, the layers of newsprint embedded within and supported by encaustic--those layers of paint depicting and enclosing words, numbers, and letters--at times petrified into a kind of scabbiness that virtually itches for scratching.
Most had wounds on their knees in varying stages of freshness and scabbiness.