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The moth's caterpillar feeds on devil's-bit scabious.
Our own cut flower beds are a riot of colour at the moment, overflowing with dahlias, scabious, sunflowers, cosmos, gladioli and a host of other floral delights.
Devil's Bit Scabious Mark Lane, Gardeners' World presenter, suggests Devil's Bit Scabious for an easy grow with high impact.
Pelargonium (geranium), ferns, Fuchsia and Scabiosa (scabious) are all good examples.
The smoothing cream-like gel also reduces uneven texture and has seven other plant extracts - organic aquatic mint, celosia, baccharis, scabious, horse chestnut, sunflower phospholipids and hazelnut oil - to help fight lumps and bumps.
"The knock-on effects are chilling: for example the marsh fritillary butterfly feeds almost exclusively on Devil's-bit scabious, a plant that cannot survive in nitrogen-rich soil."
Smallscale, you could go for scabious, wallflowers and sea-pink, as well as asters in the summer, but avoid cottage garden favourites such as foxgloves, which they can't easily access.
Another good choice is scented, pincushion-like heads of scabious to attract tortoiseshell, common blue, skippers and holly blue butterflies.
As I messed about with my camera trying to take pictures of the meadow flowers - yellow rattle, marigolds and Devil's-bit scabious - I caught sight of a woolly back...
"As I went into Hexham something led me to Waitrose - a shop I've not been to before - and there on the flower display were two buckets of scabious, a delicate blue flower which was just right.