scala vestibuli

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scala ves·tib·u·li

n. pl. scalae ves·tib·u·lo·rum (-lôr′əm)
The uppermost of the three divisions of the spiral cavity winding around the modiolus of the cochlea in the inner ear. It is filled with perilymph and receives vibrations from the stapes.

[New Latin scāla vestibulī : Latin scāla, staircase (from its spiral structure ) + Latin vestibulī, genitive of vestibulum, vestibule.]
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Radiologic and functional evaluation of electrode dislocation from the scala tympani to the scala vestibuli in patients with cochlear implants.
Others had an additional sample from the scala vestibuli of the basal turn by drilling the bone (8, 9).
We decided that we damaged the basilar membrane, resulting in the entry of air bubbles to the scala vestibuli.
MRI scans of the cochlea offer the opportunity to differentiate between the scala vestibuli and the scala tympani.
Efforts to insert the electrode through the scala vestibuli were also unsuccessful.
The three fluid spaces (scala media, scala tympani and scala vestibuli) are separated by the two membranes (basilar membrane and Reissners membrane).