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Noun1.scalar field - a field of scalars
field - (mathematics) a set of elements such that addition and multiplication are commutative and associative and multiplication is distributive over addition and there are two elements 0 and 1; "the set of all rational numbers is a field"
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Hwang, "Curved space quantum scalar field theory with accompanying metric fluctuations," Physical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, vol.
In the above system of balance laws, the scalar field p(x, t) denotes the pressures field and the vector field [f.sub.y](x, t) denotes the density of volume force due to the surface tension.
Let us define the previous scalar field u as [u.sub.1] and a second scalar field as [u.sub.2].
This model is one of the simplest possible extensions of the SM, in which the gauge group is enlarged by an additional U(1)', spontaneously broken by the vev of a scalar field s, singlet under the SM, that gives mass to the dark gauge boson Z'.
In this work, we consider the quantum cosmology of f(R) = R + [alpha][R.sup.2] theory with the FRW metric in the formulation due to O'Hanlon [6], with an auxiliary scalar field [phi], and give a numerical solution for the Wheeler-DeWitt equation in its exact form.
The early Kaluza-Klein (K-K) theory of unification was further developed with a scalar field [13], which can modify both the electromagnetic and gravitational fields.
In this article we explore how to implement TFD in phase space; particularly we analyze the scalar field in phase space at finite temperature.
Here, we consider for the first time a broad class of scenarios where a massive free scalar field unavoidably reaches an equilibrium between its classical and quantum dynamics in a characteristic timescale during inflation and sources the DM density," he ( wrote . 
Jim Oschman, PhD, in biophysics and biology, in his article "The Heart as a Bi-directional Scalar Field Antenna," presents compelling evidence that the heart's energy field is connected to external fields of information and energy that are not bound by the limits of time and space.
Is this medium the scalar field of EEG and fmri, the vector field required by any theory involving attractor surfaces, or do we assert that, since the suitably educated brain can understand tensors of rank/order 4, they too must be neurally implemented?