scale up

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Verb1.scale up - increase proportionally; "scale up the model"
proportion - adjust in size relative to other things
rescale - establish on a new scale
scale down - reduce proportionally; "The model is scaled down"

w>scale up

vt sep (lit)vergrößern; (fig)erhöhen
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Our partnership with Accenture showcases our commitment to connect start-ups with large corporates and help them scale up to become successful businesses.
Therefore, the Scale-Up Institute's annual review is an important step forward in understanding growth firms and as I have experienced in managing the Wales Fast Growth 50 initiative for nearly two decades, those businesses looking to scale up their operations are critical to the development of the economy.
We should be particularly concerned about the numbers of emerging entrepreneurial businesses that could scale up but instead get acquired.
Among the primary reasons businesses do not scale up is access to finance, and as the statistics show this is not just important to their owners and investors, but to the nation's economic growth.
The programme provides an extensive business and growth mentorship across a variety of business specialization skills such as commercialisation, venture funding, operations, and business services, equipping them with the competence to innovate and scale up.
They were discussed in 2014's Scale Up Report, written by serial investor Sherry Coutu, which calculated that these businesses could create 150,000 jobs and contribute PS225 billion to the economy if they were to reach their potential.
THE Aditya Birla Group announced the launch of Aditya Birla Bizlabs on Thursday to collaborate with start- ups and provide them with opportunity to scale up in a large- operating business environment.