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An electronic circuit that records the aggregate of a specific number of signals that occur too rapidly to be recorded individually.

[From scale.]


1. a person or thing that scales
2. (Electronics) Also called: counter or scaling circuit an electronic device or circuit that aggregates electric pulses and gives a single output pulse for a predetermined number of input pulses


(ˈskeɪ lər)

1. a person or thing that scales.
2. an electronic circuit devised to give a single pulse as output after a certain number of input pulses.
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Noun1.scaler - an electronic pulse counter used to count pulses that occur too rapidly to be recorded individually
pulse counter - an electronic counter that counts the number of electric pulses
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Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty polymers, announced that SMACO Company chose high-performance Radel R-5100 NT polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) to mold a more ergonomic hand piece for an innovative new dental scaler designed to lower hand fatigue.
The use of a sharp scaler is crucial for adequate calculus removal during periodontal instrumentation.
The ImplantPro Titanium 204S Scaler features thinner, shorter blades with less curvature than a traditional 204S, while the four ImplantPro Titanium Curettes feature elongated terminal shanks and thin, short blades to reduce tissue distension and ease subgingival insertion.
Dentek Dental Scaler & Pick Hygiene Pack, Amazon
Both scalers are available with options such as radio control, automatic hammer and scaler lubrication, dust suppression via air and water, closed cab, heated and or air conditioned cab, and reverse "flight" mode in case of an emergency.
Data recently signed a data transfer agreement with internet services provider Z Scaler.
The new MiniScal Plus heat scaler from Porvair Sciences operates with a very high force thereby ensuring high integrity sealing of deep well or even irregularly shaped microplates.
This includes the top-of-the-line HQView520 scaler, switcher and scan converter with warp and blend and 3G-SDI connectivity, which scooped a Commercial Integrator award for Best Video Scaler in 2011.
Scott Ritchie's lawsuit charges that he suffered the injuries when an ultrasonic scaler ran out of water and overheated.
Data infrastructure provider DataDirect Networks Inc announced on Monday Web Object Scaler (WOS), a scalable, multi-site cloud storage system.
The HD-SDI to HDMI Scaler allows consumer displays to be used for gauging video performance and testing, converting a HD-SDI source to HDMI format and scaling video in multiple HD resolutions to 1080p.
The K-Factor Scaler is a field adjustable "frequency divider" that converts low level, pulsed frequency output from a turbine flow meter to a scaled, square wave output signal.