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another name for scallywag2


(ˈskæl əˌwæg)

1. a scamp; rascal.
2. a white Southerner who supported Republican policy during Reconstruction, often for personal gain.
[1840–50, Amer.; orig. uncertain]
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Perhaps unsurprisingly, in the same issue editor Jim Scott handed the first of many endorsements of the upstart Reform Party of Canada, of which he wrote, "has put a fright into every backroom scallawag in Ottawa, which is reason enough to vote for them." (Mr.
The young tenor had made his City Opera debut just four days earlier, on March 19, as the ruby-nosed scallawag Bardolfo in Verdi's Falstaff; and in the first scene of his second performance, today's, he'd painfully strained a muscle in his neck.
Borrowing a term coined during Reconstruction, he allowed that there was a question of whether he was a hero or a "scallawag"--a son of the South exploiting a chaotic and defeated region.