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also sca·lop·pi·ni  (skăl′ə-pē′nē, skä′lə-)
Small, thinly sliced pieces of meat, especially veal, dredged in flour, sautéed, and served in a sauce.

[Italian, pl. of scaloppina, diminutive of scaloppa, thin slice, from French escalope, from Old French, shell (from the fillets being served curled like shells); see scallop.]


(ˌskæləˈpiːnɪ) or scaloppini
pl n
1. (Cookery) escalopes of meat, esp veal, cooked in a rich sauce, usually of wine with seasonings
[Italian: from scaloppa a fillet, probably from Old French escalopescallop]


or scal•lo•pi•ni

(ˌskɑ ləˈpi ni, ˌskæl ə-)

(used with a sing. or pl. v.) scallops of meat, esp. veal, floured and sautéed.
[1945–50; < Italian scaloppine, pl. of scaloppina <scalopp(a) thin slice (of veal, poultry, etc.) (< French escalope; see scallop)]


Small escalopes of veal, about 3 in square and weighing 1–11⁄2 oz.
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And there are full entrees such as grilled lamb chops with roasted potatoes ($33), salmon scaloppini ($22), chicken Milanese ($19), lasagna ($14), a chefs catch-of-the-day (market price) and a daily special risotto that is also market price.
Tofurky BBQ Slow Roasted Chick'n 145 mg Gardein Lightly Seasoned Chick'n Scaloppini 145 mg WestSoy Chicken Style Seitan 145 mg
One fan Rascalini Scaloppini responded: "Dearest Sir Cliff.
The recipes are all thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' and range from Sweet Potato Tzimmes; Garlic and Rosemary Mashed Potatoes; Coconut Schnitzel with Almond Butter Sauce; and Spaghetti Squash Fritters; to Seared Tuna with Olives and Capers; Chicken Scaloppini with Mushrooms; Passover Rolls; and Meringue Fruit Tarts (gluten-free and nut-free).
Make your way down to Shores, Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach, with family and friends to try their new Mediterranean theme night showcasing delicious dishes like roast lamb leg, roast turkey roulade, kefta tagine and veal scaloppini from a lavish buffet.
Monday specials are spicy steamed mussels, veal scaloppini with lemon caper sauce, Bananas Foster, hickory smoked prime rib, and Italian Night.
On the menu is camel soup, camel scaloppini, camel brochettes and steaks, camel roll with pine nuts, raisins and halloumi cheese and Thai red curry with camel, to mention a few.
Slso included in the four-course meal is a starter of crispy calamari and crabcakes, veal scaloppini in a lemon caper sauce, sauteed spinach, potatoes gratin, and a 'special BiCE' dessert.
But he never forgot the "old school" Italian dishes he knew as a child in San Francisco, the cioppino and veal scaloppini.
It is rare that a book is palatable like a well-sauced scaloppini that demands to be enjoyed slowly, bite by bite.