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1. Causing scandal; shocking: scandalous behavior.
2. Containing material damaging to reputation; defamatory: a scandalous exposé.

scan′dal·ous·ly adv.
scan′dal·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.scandalousness - disgracefulness that offends public morality
disgracefulness, ignominiousness, shamefulness - unworthiness meriting public disgrace and dishonor
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The expletives he deploys are sometimes meant for entertainment (as in his victory rally in Davao City, when the occasional 'ptang-ina' would meet the crowd's standard of approved scandalousness and result in laughter and applause), but together with his many references to killings and to death, they help create a climate of fear, or at least a threatening air.
Rather than emphasize the scandalousness of these identities, relationships, and behaviors, Firbank instead implies their relative conventionality by associating them with the interactions of more socially acceptable, and even celebrated, performers with their audiences.
The following statement by the head of a reliable polling company should be enough to portray the scandalousness of the situation: "Our research allows us to make predictions about the votes to be cast into the ballot boxes.
Though Church doctrine increasingly purified Mary as the centuries passed (making her first perpetually virginal and then completely immaculate), N-Town restages and foregrounds her scandalousness.
However, as the Washington Post reviewer cautions, Greenwald has a tendency to overstate the scandalousness of certain policies and portray the world as more black-and-white than it truly is.
24) The critic Frank Getlein emphasized the near scandalousness of Reva's enterprise, interpreting it as if fulfilling an "adolescent's daydream" of "showing the authentic, deliriously sexy world behind the Can-Can," and making a bad sexist joke associating the "broad strokes .