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adj. scant·er, scant·est
1. Barely sufficient: paid scant attention to the lecture.
2. Falling short of a specific measure: a scant cup of sugar.
3. Inadequately supplied; short: We were scant of breath after the lengthy climb.
tr.v. scant·ed, scant·ing, scants
1. To give an inadequate portion or allowance to: had to scant the older children in order to nourish the newborn.
2. To limit, as in amount or share; stint: Our leisure time is scanted by this demanding job.
3. To deal with or treat inadequately or neglectfully; slight.

[Middle English, from Old Norse skamt, neuter of skammr, short.]

scant′ly adv.
scant′ness n.
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By the road, Baywater was six miles away, but there was a short cut across hills and fields and woods which was scantly three.
Dimmesdale's church, and the young virgins who so idolized their minister, and had made a shrine for him in their white bosoms, which now, by-the-bye, in their hurry and confusion, they would scantly have given themselves time to cover with their kerchiefs.
If they try to articulate a scantly understood experience to an interlocutor, their word already warrants a low prima facie credibility judgement owing to its low intelligibility.
While household income has been regularly reported from national survey data, we are scantly informed on personal earnings from wages and salaries of self-employed individuals, particularly over a historical timeline.
VPT with a biothesiometer is a validated screening method in a population where foot care practices are scantly followed by the diabetes patients.
Yet, the historical record is not limited to Kaufmann's ten; appearing alongside the chapters' main characters are others whose presence is no less fascinating for only appearing scantly in historical records.
Greek defender Nikolaou put the ball in the net for the second time in the game by heading home from a corner at the other end to give Olympiakos a scantly deserved consolation goal in the 89th minute.
As opposed to the heavily studied dimension of motivation, attitude has been scantly researched especially in the women's sport context.
While Pakistan has the right to secure its border against the forces using Afghan land for stirring trouble inside Pakistan, Afghanistan has the right to point out if non-state actors slip into Afghanistan through scantly ruled FATA.
However, much like the protection offered by the 1907/12 SCC, these improvements were only scantly implemented.
World Trade Organisation's possible influence on overseas investor's investment choice is scantly explored.