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Having an abnormally long narrow skull.

[Greek skaphē, boat + -cephalic.]

scaph′o·ceph′a·ly (-ə-sĕf′ə-lē) n.


1. (Anatomy) anatomy having a head that is abnormally long and narrow as a result of the two parietal bones on the top of the skull closing prematurely
2. (Anatomy) an individual with such a head. Compare dolichocephalic, brachycephalic
ˈscaphoˌcephaly, ˈscaphoˌcephalism n
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Macrocephaly is a common finding in MPS, often associated with metopic beaking and a scaphocephalic configuration.
A total of 107 patients had sagittal synostosis, demonstrating the characteristic scaphocephalic shape and various aspects of frontal bossing, occipital cupping, bitemporal narrowing, and palpable midline sagittal ridge.
The skull usually appears enlarged and scaphocephalic, as a result of the infant laying on his or her side all the time.