scaphoid bone

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Noun1.Scaphoid bone - the largest wrist bone on the thumb sidescaphoid bone - the largest wrist bone on the thumb side
carpal, carpal bone, wrist bone - any of the eight small bones of the wrist of primates
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"Goalkeeper Neto is to undergo surgery this Tuesday on a fractured scaphoid bone in his left hand sustained in training while on the US tour," a club statement read.
Mr Edmiston, who acts as his mum's full-time carer, returned to the hospital a couple of days later with scans confirming he had suffered a scaphoid fracture, which is a break of the scaphoid bone in the wrist.
X-ray results indicated proximal aspect of the scaphoid bone compatible with a minimally displaced acute fracture.
"He was diagnosed with a broken scaphoid bone and is expected to film the rest of the series in a cast."
(1,2,4) Undetected, scaphoid fractures can cause prolonged interruption to the bone's architecture, leading to avascular necrosis of the proximal portion of the scaphoid bone. (5,6)
It appears that undisturbed intraosseous channels within the scaphoid bone allow for rapid revascularization from the surrounding soft tissue.
"The scaphoid bone doesn't get too much blood flow so that's probably the main focus, the one they're most worried about," he added.
Having been sidelined for almost all the campaign with a broken scaphoid bone, Snellgrove marked his comeback by chipping the bone of his middle finger just at the point where the ligament is attached.
Garrity still has fitness issues after a season which has been punctuated by the effects of a broken scaphoid bone in his wrist, ironically incurred during the first match against Glasgow.
His hand X-rays showed hook like projections arising from radial aspect of second and third metacarpal heads with scapholunate advanced collapse and indentation of distal radius by the scaphoid bone. It also showed CC of the triangular fibrocartilage (Figure 6).
In [31], the movements of the wrist are studied, through the registration of the scaphoid bone. In particular, 10 wrist scans are performed from one subject in 10 different positions, and the orientation of the scaphoid, through the determination of the principal axes, is evaluated.