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adj. scarc·er, scarc·est
1. Insufficient to meet a demand or requirement; short in supply: Fresh vegetables were scarce during the drought.
2. Hard to find; absent or rare: Steel pennies are scarce now except in coin shops.
Barely or hardly; scarcely.
make (oneself) scarce Informal
1. To stay away; be absent or elusive.
2. To depart, especially quickly or furtively; abscond.

[Middle English scars, from Old French scars, from Vulgar Latin *excarpsus, narrow, cramped, from past participle of *excarpere, to pluck out, alteration of Latin excerpere, to pick out; see excerpt.]

scarce′ness n.
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Noun1.scarceness - a small and inadequate amount
inadequacy, deficiency, insufficiency - lack of an adequate quantity or number; "the inadequacy of unemployment benefits"
paucity, dearth - an insufficient quantity or number
infrequency, rareness, rarity - noteworthy scarcity




, scarcity
n (= shortage)Knappheit f; (= rarity)Seltenheit f; because of the scarcity of talent among the singers/pupilsweil so wenige Sänger/Schüler wirklich begabt sind; his pictures are expensive because of their scarcenessseine Bilder sind teuer, weil es so wenige davon gibt; a scarcity of qualified peopleein Mangel man qualifizierten Kräften; in times of scarcityin schlechten Zeiten; there are many scarcities in wartimein Kriegszeiten ist vieles knapp
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But she was taken away seven years ago, and I have no other kindred that I know of, besides my Aunt Poyser, who is very good to me, and would have me come and live in this country, which to be sure is a good land, wherein they eat bread without scarceness.
Larkin remains attentive to economies not of diminution, but of scarcity, as he whittled and defined that term in previous collections: scarceness is present on nearly every page, sometimes verbatim, often in cognate forms (sparseness, leanness, lack, rarity, unplenty).
Interestingly, Moora also stated that the rich archaeological material from these newly discovered sites indicated that the scarceness of grave and hoard finds (containing metals) need not necessarily correspond to the social and cultural reality of the past and that local deposition processes and customs should be considered.
To which are added some few that have formerly appear'd in English, but do now for their excellence and scarceness deserve to be reprinted.
As we watched the video of the "poor" children there, I became conscious that I was watching young people who presented incredible resourcefulness and generosity of spirit in the face of terrible scarceness.
In light of the significant uncertainty accompanying mortality predictions, the immunization effect should not be neglected as a potentially very effective method for hedging longevity risk, especially in view of the scarceness of alternative instruments.
THERE IS SCARCENESS Of 'ready now' CEOs to fill the numerous opportunities that exist in many industries (certainly in my industry of healthcare technology and services).