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There is a feeling he will be allowed to leave for a fee in the region of PS8 million, which will scare off the majority of suitors.
POLICE are appealing for a good Samaritan to come forward after he helped scare off a group attempting a robbery in Merthyr Tydfil.
The pair didn't make it away with much cash, according to the Los Angeles Times, because the dog seemed to scare off the thieves with its ferocious barking.
She grabbed a knife and banged on the windows but Hertfordshire police later warned her she should not have used a knife to scare off the youths because carrying an "offensive weapon", even in her own home, was illegal.
The Delhi International Airport Ltd ( DIAL) has awarded the contract to scare off birds to housekeeping specialists, Trendsetter, after the contract with the previous vendor expired.
Neighbours alerted by 10-year-old Rakib Ali's screams grabbed buckets of water and sticks to scare off the dog which was throwing the boy around "like a rag doll".
The British and French scientists believe they were trying to make themselves sound heavier to scare off the competition.
ROBOTIC birds of prey are to be placed around Liverpool city centre to scare off flocks of pigeons.
Bryan got a shotgun and tried to scare off the wolves by firing into the air, but that strategy backfired.
It might scare off people who are on the border who think, If they can't catch me I'm good to go,'' Hurd said.
Or did the more-colorful males scare off would-be philanderers?
For example, the words "protagonist" and "antagonist" scare off elementary-school teachers, because they think the words are intimidating.