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Noun1.scare quote - the use of quotation marks to indicate that it is not the authors preferred terminology
inverted comma, quotation mark, quote - a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else
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But why reading Keynes involves seeing the play as "an allegory of the scare quote" because the play "returns this question of the scare quote to the `natural'" (161-62) is not quite clear.
In the story that gives the collection its title, racial categories are consistently enclosed in scare quotes, perhaps to point out their absurdity, their inaccuracy: "It's the year of 'the human being.
The scare quotes are indeed "complicated" insofar as all of the studies in the book in some way argue that twenty-first century Yiddishism, New Yiddishism, or however one wishes to understand it militates against the very idea of monolinguistic cultural assimilation.
It does concern me that an ASA Fellow uses scare quotes in the phrase "the 'proven facts' of Darwinian evolution.
In the old days, when print media reigned supreme, newspapers occasionally used scare quotes in a similar way to sell papers.
puts "Arian" and "Arianism" in scare quotes throughout the book, and he is most successful in showing how Athanasius succeeded in bundling the varieties of theology to which he was opposed into the single overarching heresy known to later centuries.
And nowhere does the editorial refer to Mariano as "leftist" or "biased"-which begs the question: Where did those scare quotes come from?
And we hesitate to use the word "primitive"--even with scare quotes.
Its investigation of the central role accorded to the visual in the "Judaism"-Christianity polarity at the heart of definitions of Christianity more than justifies the scare quotes around "Judiasm.
As for inclusions, chapter 1 employed far too many scare quotes around terms and concepts.
In calling for negotiations based on the 1967 borders with "swaps"the scare quotes are hisObama, Hizzoner argues, "should have demanded simultaneously that Hamas renounce terrorism before negotiations begin, and that Hamas amend its charter.
Gilbert Sorrentino spent fifty years telling us directly who he suspected he was and what he suspected he knew, about Brooklyn, poetry, social class, ambition, jazz, influence, form-versus-content, capitalism, and "realism" a word I'd need to place in scare quotes as a testament to Sorrentino's long passionate skepticism as to its value it I didn't suspect it myself.