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adj. scar·i·er, scar·i·est
1. Causing fright or alarm.
2. Easily scared; very timid.

scar′i·ly adv.
scar′i·ness n.
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the state or quality of being scary
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Pic never quite hits bull's-eye in terms of scariness, black comedy or sheer outre fantasy.
Language alone "protects us from the scariness of things with no names.
He knows that scariness transfixes Johnny Vegas, actor George's Marvellous Medicine I'M championing this because it's possibly one of his darkest books.
It is more of a blend of Contagion (for the pandemic scariness) and 28 Days Later (for the fast-moving undead) than your traditional zombie flick, and its sense of drama and thrills come from its international scale.
It's a real breath of fresh air if you've been making television in London all your life like me." Originally from Paisley, just outside Glasgow, Steven - who wrote the hit children's drama Press Gang starring Julia Sawalha and Dexter Fletcher - believes part of Doctor Who's enduring appeal lies in its unique brand of scariness. "It's dark in the way a fairy tale is dark," he says.
Russell T Davies admitted: 'It will have a twist again.': How good is it?:New doctor Cardiff-spotting moments Laughs Scariness Baddies
The zombie scariness is still there, though and PS2 owners will love it.
But Sunjata's artful blend of arrogance and charisma is deftly paired off against the slow-to-unfold scariness of Frederick Weller, playing the centerfielder's take-no-prisoners nemesis.
But not content with overseeing the drab animation, director Jimmy Murakami seems intent on eradicating every last remnant of the story's scariness and magic.
It was the scariness of swimming in the ocean with a man-eating predator that put me off.
That may be the measure of our lives." Language alone, she said, "protects us from the scariness of things with no names.