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adj. scar·i·er, scar·i·est
1. Causing fright or alarm.
2. Easily scared; very timid.

scar′i·ly adv.
scar′i·ness n.


the state or quality of being scary
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But Mirror Sport can reveal the solitude and scariness of his serious plight in his own room, where weight fell off him, had a profound effect on Grealish.
A helpful feature is a visual fright meter which is posted near the title of each feature, showing a number ranking from 1-10 to help rate the degree of scariness or spookiness of that subject.
level course in effective museum design for kidsinteractive without being infantilizing, engaging without being pandering, thoughtful about how young kids experience narrative, reflective about how much historical scariness young museumgoers can be expected to handle.
The lawyer is typical of Marrowbone 's weaknesses -- but when you add the uncertain pace, stilted tone, silly twist and general lack of scariness, you've got a failure so complete it's barely even honourable.
With the latest reveal by the EDA, which hints at a frequency of attack never imagined before, the scariness level has only been heightened.
In a 1937 letter concerning the publication of The Hobbit, Tolkien insisted to Stanley Unwin that the scariness of the story must be preserved: "The presence (even if only on the borders) of the terrible is, I believe, what gives this imagined world its verisimilitude.
Luckily, I was active prior to the diagnosis, but that did not lessen the scariness of the disease.
That's what it's like working with Darth Vader, all secrecy and scariness.
John James Rumney, Cardiff This clown trumps all for scariness THERE have been a lot of stories recently about scary clowns in the news, but without doubt the scariest clown is running to be US president, goes by the name of Donald Trump.
I've just been practicing, staying in the present because I think I can easily get sucked away by the excitement and scariness of it all.
It is precisely the uncertainness of the outcomes of her training and its non-identifiable future that engenders the scariness of her presence qua learning qua subjectification.