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 (skâr′ē-əs) also scar·i·ose (-ōs′)
Thin, membranous, and dry: scarious bracts.

[New Latin scariōsus.]


(ˈskɛərɪəs) or


(Botany) (of plant parts) membranous, dry, and brownish in colour: scarious bracts.
[C19: from New Latin scariōsus, of uncertain origin]


(ˈskɛər i əs)

thin, dry, and membranous, as certain bracts; chaffy.
[1800–10; alter. of scariose < New Latin scariōsus]
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The short utricle beak is mostly destroyed, except in one specimen, and this suggests that it was poorly lignified or even scarious.
6 mm wide including the margin that can be dark and scarious or concolorous and not scarious; two inner bracteoles 2-3 mm long, pubescent at least on the middle portion and margins.
opposite amplexicaule scale--like leaves, fused to form a collar--like segment, with a membranaceous / scarious hyaline margin 0.
From the Greek hyaleos, of glass, transparent, probably because of the light color of the leaves or the shiny, scarious involucral bracts.