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Resembling scarlet fever or its rash.
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Pharyngitis with a characteristic scarlatiniform rash.
One week after return, the patient experienced sore throat, headache, diffuse scarlatiniform rash (online Technical Appendix Figure 1, https:// wwwnc.
The erythematous rash appears as an asymmetrical or unilateral papular, scarlatiniform, or eczematous exanthema.
A 5-year-old, previously healthy boy was admitted to our hospital with complaints of high-grade fever and scarlatiniform rash of 3 days' duration.
A few patients had conjunctivitis (11%, n = 9), mucous membrane involvement (5%, n = 4), or a sandpaper-like scarlatiniform rash (11%, n = 9).
Within 1 to 2 days, the rash progresses from an exanthematous scarlatiniform to a blistering eruption.
polymorphous rash, usually diffuse maculopapular, although it can be scarlatiniform, multiform, urticarial, rarely micropustular, but never bullous or vesicular; 5.
Palatal petechiae and scarlatiniform rash are highly specific but uncommon; a swollen uvula is sometimes noted.
Yersinia pseudotuberculosis can manifest with fever, abdominal pain, and scarlatiniform rash.
6,7 A maculopapular, scarlatiniform or morbilliform rash has been observed in the febrile phase of the disease.
Codeine caused pruritic scarlatiniform exanthemata: patch test negative but positive to oral provocation test.
The presence of scarlatiniform rash, vomiting and tender nodes in the neck were "moderately" good at predicting strep throat.