scarlet cup

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Noun1.scarlet cup - a discomycete that is a harbinger of springscarlet cup - a discomycete that is a harbinger of spring; the fruiting body is thin and tough and saucer-shaped (about the size of quarter to a half dollar) with a deep bright red upper surface and a whitish exterior
cup fungus, discomycete - any fungus that is a member of the subclass Discomycetes
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Graceful sword shaped leaves are topped with scarlet cup shaped flowers.
Hurlford, who put Auchinleck out of the Scarlet Cup last month, held their opponents to a 3-3 draw then won 8-7 on penalties.
In Ayrshire, holders Kilwinning set up a mouth-watering Jackie Scarlet Cup final shoot-out against Glenafton.