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Will he diagnose a lunatic and scarper before she can get her claws into him?
She tried to soldier on, but soon had to scarper with the rest of the staff at ITV's London studios.
Don't let yourself be intimidated, just watch them scarper as you take the cab number and dial police.
His evil alter ego, Scarper, is back, and Montmorency struggles to resist his world even as London faces new threats from bombers.
A Love Productions TV crew was forced to scarper from Derby Road in Southampton after they were pelted with eggs and our.
These councillors are guardians of our city, so when will they start acting like it and listen to the people who live in the city and not developers who will scarper when they get their bag of gold?
The dual identity of Montmorency/ Scarper continues to hold great appeal.
She accepted her gong for best actress (Lost In Translation) without a hint of nerves and unlike some celebs who clutch their award as though it might scarper if they loosen their grip, Scarlett is holding it as though she's owned it all her life.
Yobs are quick to use Ssts, and quicker to scarper.
Not so much Snap, Crackle and Pop as Sell, Profit and Scarper.
While Megan thinks they should approach dodgy Josh to find out where Rachel is, a panicked Jai takes the opposite view and can't scarper quick enough.
Although my eye witness heard a lot of abuse from Welling fans directed at the referee it was not correct to say that any Welling fans ran on to the pitch and chased the referee or that he had to scarper down the tunnel.