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scar 1

1. A mark left on the skin after a surface injury or wound has healed.
2. A lingering sign of damage or injury, either mental or physical: nightmares, anxiety, and other enduring scars of wartime experiences.
3. Botany A mark indicating a former attachment, as of a leaf to a stem.
4. A mark, such as a dent, resulting from use or contact.
v. scarred, scar·ring, scars
1. To mark with a scar.
2. To leave lasting signs of damage on: a wretched childhood that scarred his psyche.
1. To form a scar: The pustule healed and scarred.
2. To become scarred: delicate skin that scars easily.

[Middle English, alteration of escare, from Old French, scab, from Late Latin eschara, from Greek eskhara, hearth, scab caused by burning.]

scar 2

1. A protruding isolated rock.
2. A bare rocky place on a mountainside or other steep slope.

[Middle English skerre, from Old Norse sker, low reef; see sker- in Indo-European roots.]


adj que deja cicatriz; n cicatrización f, cicatrices fpl
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To find out more about the campaign, which includes videos with five inspirational women living with scarring, visit facebook.
Extracellular matrix reorganization during wound healing and its impact on abnormal scarring.
Scarring is a lifelong, physically disfiguring and often emotionally debilitating sequela resulting from acne vulgaris.
Scarring associated with the condition is more severe in smokers, research shows.
Atrophic acne scarring is an unfortunate, permanent complication of acne vulgaris, which may be associated with significant psychological distress.
Scarring also may cause dysphonia by mechanical restriction of vibration or glottic closure, as seen in some cases of dense vocal fold web, or fibrotic masses on the membranous vocal fold, as may form subsequent to vocal fold hemorrhage.
The acquired compound, now listed in Pfizer's pipeline documents as PF-06473871, is a CTGF inhibitor, and the planned indication for the new treatment is "dermal scarring.
Scarring in many instances is a mechanism by the body to repair itself after injury in a rapid manner.
The authors highlight the need for further research in this and other key areas, including the benefits of different types of lasers and the results of laser treatment for scarring in patients with darker skin.
SOLNA, Sweden, October 31, 2013 -- Researchers here show that the scar tissue formed by stem cells after a spinal cord injury does not impair recovery; in fact, stem cell scarring confines the damage.
Differential diagnosis of scar sarcoidosis includes infectious skin diseases such as mycobacterium and spirochete infections, Crohn's disease, rosacea, foreign body granuloma, and keloid scarring.