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A graph showing data for two or more variables as coordinates in a Cartesian system of two or more axes, often appearing as scattered or clustered dots. Also called scatter diagram, scattergram.
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Of these, six were able to construct a scatterplot similar to that shown in Figure 4, though some had grouped variables into intervals on one or both axes.
The Figure shows the scatterplot with participant cluster assignments.
From this so-called data scatterplot, Tomasetti and Vogelstein determined the correlation between the total number of stem cell divisions and cancer risk to be 0.
Of all of the options, I have found the Scree plot and Scatterplot 3D to be the most useful (Figures 5 and 6).
Another way to compare the distributions is with the scatterplot shown in figure 5.
Next, Carolan shows a scatterplot displaying the lack of relationship between life expectancy and GDP per capita greater than USD $20,000, graphically demonstrating that affluence predicts longevity, but only up to a point.
Each figure shows a scatterplot of the asset price change and the change in the 5-year Treasury, with the announcement date labeled on the lower horizontal axis.
Scatterplot showed that most of the obtained data were scattered at the centered data towards the line Therefore, the scatterplot showed that the predictions were good in a general sense.
A scatterplot of observed and (ensemble) NN predicted PCI values is shown in Fig.
Looking at the scatterplot, a clear overall pattern is present.