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A graph showing data for two or more variables as coordinates in a Cartesian system of two or more axes, often appearing as scattered or clustered dots. Also called scatter diagram, scattergram.
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Scatterplot showing the relationship between cardiac width (cm) and sternal width (cm), both measured on ventrodorsal radiographic projections of Bonelli's eagles (N = 20).
The observation-prediction scatterplot for population and individual of the selected final model is shown in Figure 2.
Scatterplot of the aPTT-FS using 3.2% and 3.8% citrate.
Scatterplot showing association between neonatal head circumference and gestational age on the third postnatal day.
A scatterplot graph is also presented for testing the correlation between variables.
They remind us that "[a]s a scatterplot, [the Phillips curve] has shifted so often that no one takes it to be anything other than a transitory, reduced-form empirical relation" (Mankiw and Reis 2018: 92).
Starting with a scatterplot showing the relationship between income per capita and life expectancy by country, the Gapminder adds color coding by region and bubble size by population.
Table 2 displays quantitative indices of the relationship between variable categories and dimensions, whereas Figure 1 visually represents the MCA output as a set of scatterplots. In each scatterplot, categories are plotted to show how strongly associated they are with each dimension.
In order to explore the potential relationships between each pair of variables, without fitting a specific model--such as a regression line or a theoretical distribution--and to reduce the impact of influencing observations, we plotted the data together with the locally weighted scatterplot smoother--from here on lowess-Cleveland [60] profile.
Scatterplot shows an inverse relationship between PTPN2 protein levels and uACR (n = 101; r = -0.4199; P < 0.001).