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 (sĭ-nâr′ĭst, -när′-, -năr′-)
One who writes screenplays.


(sɪˈnɛər ɪst, -ˈnɑr-)

a writer of scenarios.


the writer of scenarios, story lines for motion pictures.
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Noun1.scenarist - a writer of screenplays
author, writer - writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)


[ˈsiːnərɪst] Nguionista mf
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Ashgan, my daughter, is currently taking big steps in the field of filmmaking working as a scenarist," Saad contiued.
The film is produced by the General Establishment for Cinema and it is written by scenarist Samer Mohammad Ismail.
She owes it to her director Vishnu Narayan and scenarist Krishna Moorthy for the compliments coming her way today.
Slawomir Malinovsky, the Polish director and scenarist, visited Kurdistan Region along with a polish team for directing a documentary on Kurdistan, Peshmerga and the Kurdish people.
After hundreds of people sent in title suggestions, between the funny, silly and serious, Ayten ended up going with a title suggested by scenarist Mohammed Amin Radi.
Scenarist, LLC has collaborated with a global group of industry partners and UHDG focus group members to develop the workflows and tools for authoring of Dolby Vision enabled Ultra HD Blu-ray.
He added that the festival, which runs until March 27, includes some competitions on short and documentary films and other artworks, noting that there are ten awards for the best actor, actress, scenarist, film and others.
Miller and scenarist Scott Milam's thriller is actually a bit frenetic with intrigue, flashbacks, shrill behavior and a dry-land action climax.
24 September 2014 - US digital entertainment technology start-up Scenarist LLC said it had agreed to buy the rights to the Scenarist brand DVD-Video and Blu-ray Disc authoring technology and products from a unit of sector player Rovi Corporation (NASDAQ:ROVI).
He was also known for being a director, producer and scenarist. (Cihan/Trend Today's Zaman)
Heitham Buddi, a scenarist stressed the role of intellectuals and scenarists in promoting integration of orphans into society.