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 (sē′nĭk, sĕn′ĭk)
1. Of or relating to the stage, stage scenery, or theatrical representation: scenic design.
2. Constituting or affording pleasing views of natural features: climbed a hill for a scenic panorama of the valley; a scenic drive along the crater rim.
A depiction of natural scenery.

sce′ni·cal·ly adv.


(ˈsiːnɪk; ˈsɛn-) or


1. of or relating to natural scenery
2. having beautiful natural scenery: a scenic drive.
3. (Theatre) of or relating to the stage or stage scenery
4. (Art Terms) (in painting) representing a scene, such as a scene of action or a historical event
ˈscenically adv


(ˈsi nɪk, ˈsɛn ɪk)

1. of or pertaining to natural scenery.
2. having pleasing or beautiful scenery.
3. of or pertaining to the stage or to stage scenery.
[1615–25; < Latin scēnicus < Greek skēnikós theatrical. See scene, -ic]
sce′ni•cal•ly, adv.
scenery, scenic - Scenery was originally theatrical—"a stage depiction of nature"—and it came to be applied to nature itself; scenic first pertained to the theatre and meant "dramatic, theatrical."
See also related terms for theatre.
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Adj.1.scenic - used of locationsscenic - used of locations; having beautiful natural scenery; "scenic drives"
beautiful - delighting the senses or exciting intellectual or emotional admiration; "a beautiful child"; "beautiful country"; "a beautiful painting"; "a beautiful theory"; "a beautiful party"
2.scenic - of or relating to the stage or stage sceneryscenic - of or relating to the stage or stage scenery; "scenic design"


adjective picturesque, beautiful, spectacular, striking, grand, impressive, breathtaking, panoramic A 2-hour drive through scenic country.
تَصْويري، تَمْثيليجَميل المَنْظَر
sem lÿtur aî fögru landslagisem lÿtur aî leikmynd/landslagi


[ˈsiːnɪk] ADJ
1. (gen) → pintoresco
an area of scenic beautyuna región de bellos paisajes
scenic railway (= miniature railway) tren pequeño que hace recorridos turísticos por un recinto (Brit) (= roller coaster) → montaña f rusa
scenic roadcarretera f que recorre lugares pintorescos
2. (Theat) → escénico, dramático


[ˈsiːnɪk] adj [place, country] → qui offre de beaux paysages
to take the scenic route → prendre l'itinéraire touristique


(= of landscape)landschaftlich; scenic shots (Phot) → Landschaftsaufnahmen pl
(= picturesque)malerisch; to take the scenic routedie landschaftlich schöne Strecke nehmen; (hum)einen kleinen Umweg machen
(= theatrical)bühnentechnisch; (Film) → filmtechnisch; scenic effects (Theat) → Bühneneffekte pl; (Film) → landschaftliche Effekte pl


scenic design
nSzenenbild nt
scenic designer
nSzenenbildner(in) m(f)
scenic railway
nTouristenbahnlinie f (durch landschaftlich schönes Gebiet), → ˜ Berg- und Tal-Bahn f; (= roller coaster)Achterbahn f
scenic road, scenic route


[ˈsiːnɪk] adj (postcard, view) → pittoresco/a; (road, railway) → panoramico/a


(siːn) noun
1. the place where something real or imaginary happens. A murderer sometimes revisits the scene of his crime; The scene of this opera is laid/set in Switzerland.
2. an incident etc which is seen or remembered. He recalled scenes from his childhood.
3. a show of anger. I was very angry but I didn't want to make a scene.
4. a view of a landscape etc. The sheep grazing on the hillside made a peaceful scene.
5. one part or division of a play etc. The hero died in the first scene of the third act of the play.
6. the setting or background for a play etc. Scene-changing must be done quickly.
7. a particular area of activity. the academic/business scene.
ˈscenery noun
1. the painted background for a play etc on a stage. The scenery looked rather shabby.
2. the general appearance of a landscape etc. beautiful scenery.
ˈscenic adjective
1. of scenery, real or theatrical. clever scenic effects in the film.
2. having beautiful scenery. a scenic highway.
behind the scenes
out of sight of the audience or public.
come on the scene
to arrive. We were enjoying ourselves till she came on the scene.

scenery is never used in the plural.
References in classic literature ?
There's a scenic railway, a water toboggan slide, a concert band, a theatre, wild animals, moving pictures, and so forth and so forth.
The whole scenic arrangements were a great improvement on the stuffy city he had left.
At that time, electricity was employed only for a very few scenic effects and for the bells.
"The scenic effect, from this altitude, is marvelous," commented the educated Woggle-Bug, as they rode along.
They consisted of an elaborate scenic background set up near the city gate or on the street, with figures from allegorical or traditional history who engaged in some pantomime or declamation, but with very little dramatic dialog, or none.
Thus all things conspired on this fateful day to produce the great scenic effect which decided the future life of Mademoiselle Cormon.
The country round this town being very flat, is bare of scenic interest; but the town itself is full of life and motion, bustle, business, and improvement.
A blood-red thing that writhes from out The scenic solitude!
There were at first between him and me his own splendour, my shabby suspicions, and the scenic landscape that intruded upon the reality of our lives by its motionless fantasy of outline and colour.
{sterile grounds = the sandy "pine barrens" between Albany and Schenectady were notorious for their lack of scenic beauty}
Scenic Eclipse is the world's first discovery yacht.
Alishan National Scenic Area is wrapped by cloud all year in March and April every year.