scenic area

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Heavy rainfall in recent days has damaged parts of Taichung City's Dakeng Scenic Area, causing two trails to be closed for repair, Taipei City Government said on Sunday (Aug.
It is located in a scenic area of the region beside Covesea Lighthouse and is run by a group of volunteers who are charged with showcasing exhibits and recounting the rich history of the coastal town.
Traveling around Alishan National Scenic Area in spring is a good time whether for eating, drinking and playing.
Found in a scenic spot in Maling Mountain Scenic Area in the city of Xinyi, the tracks can help with the study on the distribution and evolution of China's dinosaur groups during the Lower Cretaceous period, according to Chinese media outlets.
The soothing atmosphere, refreshing waterfalls and scenic area make our trip wonderful, said another visitor in Naran.
Seven applications have been submitted to build hydro schemes on both sides of Glen Etive, which is designated a national scenic area.
The Alishan National Scenic Area in Taiwan is best-known for its magical sunrise and sunset views.
Located in the middle of the Da Shi Kou central business district, the Hyatt Regency Zhenjiang is accessible for shopping, entertainment venues and tourism sites such as Beigushan Park, Zhenjiang China Vinegar Culture Museuem and Nanshan Scenic Area.
Supergeo is pleased that Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration also catches up this trend, collaborating with Supergeo to develop a mobile tour guide app in Shueili Che-Cheng, which is a fast and easy tool for tourists to follow the tourist attractions and get more information about this place.
The felling of trees has also affected the beauty of the scenic area because forests are the main source of serenity of the region, they said.
He said that we already started many developmental projects in Lora and keeping in view needs of this scenic area many projects were in pipeline that would be completed till the mid of 2018.