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Noun1.scenic artist - an artist specializing in scenic subjectsscenic artist - an artist specializing in scenic subjects
painter - an artist who paints
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I fancied myself as a different kind of scenic artist; a different kind of scenery and a very different kind of life.
He studied fine art at Newcastle University under Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton and worked variously as a fairground worker, teacher, scenic artist and college lecturer.
Former prison art teacher and now writer and painter Gill Holloway and former scenic artist Barbara Russon are showing their work at the Jane Powell art studio gallery in High Street.
Jones is a freelance lighting and scenic designer and scenic artist currently teaching at Bemidji State University in Minnesota.
Juracek is a professional scenic artist with a long list of regional theatre, opera, ballet, Off-Broadway and film credits, and is the co-founder of the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival.
He is an accomplished, vivid, even visionary scenic artist, with the skill and the means to achieve his intentions; he creates dazzling stage pictures.
She's calm, reflective and seemingly at peace with her life as she points to samples of paintings by long-ago female artists on a wall that scenic artist Charlie Willoughby also uses to guide us artfully through the era of Beatlemania, anti-Vietman War protests, "The Bill Cosby Show" and so much more.
The guitarist, who will be 60 in June, gained an A-level in art a year early at school in London and originally tried to get work as a scenic artist at Pinewood Studios.
She has worked as a scenic artist at several theatres, including the Belgrade in Coventry where she has painted six pantomimes.
Fokine placed great importance on decoration and, for that matter music, writing that his new concept of ballet recognized "the alliance of the arts only on the condition of complete equality," allowing "perfect freedom both to the scenic artist and to the musician."
The practice called for the scenic artist to sign the bottom of the grand drape.
You won't win a trip to Tahiti or a new car, but you could do worse than getting a tee-shirt that says "Holier Than Thou." Scenic artist Alan Standrowicz has been quite the busy man this past weekend.