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Noun1.scenic artist - an artist specializing in scenic subjectsscenic artist - an artist specializing in scenic subjects
painter - an artist who paints
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Scenic artist Dena D'Angelo inspects the backdrop for the arrivals area before the rollout of the red carpet for Sunday's 90th Academy Awards in front of the Dolby Theatre on Wednesday, Feb.
After earning an art degree from Indiana University, she hoped to work as a portrait painter and scenic artist.
Contract notice: Transfer service, handling and scenic artist material storage and other material with the use of personnel, equipment and vehicles and other necessary quant ~.
The scenery was of a professional standard, painted by a Llewellyn Ekin who had worked as a scenic artist at a theatre in Drury Lane in London's West End.
Barreras has worked as a scenic artist painting sets, murals and props for Hollywood studios, TV networks and feature films.
Sculpture and scenic artist Catherine Latson's "Garment Series," offers an unconventional take on the art and engineering of self-decoration.
Neither that scenic artist nor his supervisor started out with a vision of art as a money-maker.
Professionally, he has been a carpenter, prop master, scenic artist, purchaser, sound designer, production manager, set designer and dance teacher.
A former fairground worker, teacher and scenic artist, he settled in Liverpool in 1957 and taught at the art college.
A fine artist, photographer, painter, and scenic artist, Cotte has painted textiles for haute couture houses since 1991, using brushes, dyes, and resins.
The tablets come with a letter of authenticity from the creator, Paramount Studios scenic artist A.