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 (sē′nĭk, sĕn′ĭk)
1. Of or relating to the stage, stage scenery, or theatrical representation: scenic design.
2. Constituting or affording pleasing views of natural features: climbed a hill for a scenic panorama of the valley; a scenic drive along the crater rim.
A depiction of natural scenery.

sce′ni·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.scenically - with respect to stage sceneryscenically - with respect to stage scenery; "scenically stunning"
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The two courses I played in Souillac and Aubazine were challenging but rewarding, and scenically beautiful in their layout within oak forests.
No busy roads nearby, no pollution, scenically beautiful, with only the sounds of nature to soothe the senses.
He said that the area is scenically very captivating and has got tremendous tourism potential.
The two courses I played at in Souillac and Aubazine were challenging but rewarding and scenically beautiful in their layout within oak forests.
What caught our fancy especially was the Museum of Islamic Art, a spectacular place scenically located near the traditional dhow harbour.
He said the provision of maximum facilities to woo maximum number of tourists towards the scenically beautiful places is the target of the PTI government.
Not only are all the courses enjoyable, they are scenically among the most beautiful I've ever played.
''Culturally rich, scenically stunning, sailing direct from Southampton or opting for a fly cruise, we are committed to offering our guests choice."
Indian Railways has a number of scenically beautiful routes.
"With more people coming to Philippines, they will find out that Philippines, Davao, Mindanao are not only scenically beautiful but also economically growing and people here are very friendly, very hospitable, and I think the potential for economic growth in Davao and Mindanao is immense," he said.
Scenically, there's little to beat Hawaii with its spectacular beaches, some of them ideal for surfing and one where the sand is jet-black because of a near-by active volcano.