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1. A distinctive, often agreeable odor. See Synonyms at fragrance, smell.
2. A perfume: an expensive French scent.
3. An odor left by the passing of an animal.
4. The trail of a hunted animal or fugitive: The hounds are on the scent.
5. The sense of smell: a bear's keen scent.
6. A hint of something imminent; a suggestion: caught the scent of a reconciliation.
v. scent·ed, scent·ing, scents
1. To perceive or identify by the sense of smell: dogs scenting their prey.
2. To suspect or detect: scented danger.
3. To fill with a pleasant odor; perfume: when blossoms scent the air.
To hunt prey by means of the sense of smell. Used of hounds.

[Middle English sent, from senten, to scent, from Old French sentir, from Latin sentīre, to feel; see sent- in Indo-European roots.]

scent′less adj.
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Adj.1.scentless - lacking the sense of smell
scented - having the sense of smell; "keen-scented hounds"
2.scentless - emitting or holding no odor; "scentless wisps of straw"; "a scentless stretch of rocky ground"
inodorous, odorless, odourless - having no odor; "odorless gas"; "odorless flowers"
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[ˈsentlɪs] ADJinodoro
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To be successful, you have to be extremely knowledgeable about the bear's habits as a species, know any peculiarities and patterns of the bears where you are hunting, be intimately acquainted with the terrain and very good at moving silently and scentlessly, For these reasons, the success ratio for still-hunting is very low; only the most serious local bear hunters regularly succeed.