scheduled caste

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sched·uled caste

(skĕj′o͞old, -o͞o-əld, skĕj′əld)
Any of the historically disadvantaged Indian castes of low rank, now under government protection.

[From such castes having been entered on a list or "schedule" during British rule.]
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MIRPURKHAS -- Issues of the scheduled caste Hindu communities of Sindh were discussed at a gathering held in Rano Bheel Colony here on Friday.
According to a report in alocal English newspaper, a similar concern was expressed by Dalit or Scheduled Caste Hindus for being ignored by the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in Sindh despite the fact that the upper caste Hindus make 20 per cent of the total Hindu population.
Senior Congress leaders will join him,"AICC Scheduled Caste Department Chairman Nitin Raut said in a statement.
Let me simply define the word Dalit and Scheduled Caste in Pakistani perspective.
Fr Raj wrote: Our concern is not whether the Hindu Dalits who converted to Christianity once, converted back to the religion of their origin get back their Scheduled Caste status, but rather why do they lose their Scheduled Caste status when they convert from Hinduism to other religions.
The village has a common Sarpanch also called headman from Scheduled Caste, but the main political power is with a former Sarpanch who is from Jat, a dominated caste.
Islamabad, March 30, 2012 (Frontier Star): While condemning prolonged delay in passage of Hindu Marriage Registration Act, Scheduled Caste Hindus especially women gathered to lodge a protest against consequential social discrimination they are bound to face in absence of a law to protect their matrimonial rights.
In a public tribunal held by All-India Catholic Union in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the low-caste Hindu converts to Christianity declared that the 16 million Dalit Christians in India should get their full Scheduled Caste rights ("reservations," a form of affirmative action in education and job opportunities) enjoyed by their Dalit counterparts of other minority religions.
IANS Chandigarh Following a call for a shutdown on April 2 by various organizations of the Scheduled Caste community to show resentment against the dilution of SC/ST Atrocities Act, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Saturday appealed to the community and other people of the state to keep restraint and maintain law and order.
A statement released by Masoom's lawyer read: "Salman along with Katrina Kaif on a TV show used the insulting word 'bhangi' against a member of the scheduled caste.
Bhartiya Dhanak Samaj, Luv- Kush Sena Sangathan, Central Valmiki Sabha, Jan Jagriti Sangthan, Akhil Bhartiya Valmiki Sangthan and Scheduled Caste Group- A Mahapanchayat have extended their support.