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 (skĕj′o͞ol, -o͞o-əl, skĕj′əl)
1. A list of times of departures and arrivals; a timetable: a bus schedule; a schedule of guided tours.
2. A plan for performing work or achieving an objective, specifying the order and allotted time for each part: finished the project on schedule.
3. A printed or written list of items in tabular form: a schedule of postal rates.
a. A program of events or appointments expected in a given time: Can you fit me into your schedule Tuesday afternoon?
b. A student's program of classes.
5. A supplemental statement of details appended to a document.
a. A federally regulated list of controlled substances, ranked in classes by potential for abuse.
b. One of the ranks or classes in such a list.
tr.v. sched·uled, sched·ul·ing, sched·ules
1. To enter on a schedule: calculate and schedule each tax deduction on the proper form.
2. To make up a schedule for: I haven't scheduled the coming week yet.
3. To plan or appoint for a certain time or date: scheduled a trip in June; was scheduled to arrive Monday.
4. To list or rank (a controlled substance) in a schedule.

[Middle English sedule, slip of parchment or paper, note, from Old French cedule, from Late Latin schedula, diminutive of scheda, variant of Latin scida, papyrus strip, from Greek skhida, skhedē; perhaps akin to skhizein, to split; see schizo-.]

sched′u·lar adj.
sched′u·ler n.
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(ˈʃɛdjuːlə; US ˈskɛdʒʊələ)
1. (Broadcasting) a person whose job is to allot times for television or radio programmes to be broadcast
2. (Computer Science) computing a computer program designed to aid in scheduling tasks
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Noun1.scheduler - computer hardware that arranges jobs to be done by the computer in an appropriate orderscheduler - computer hardware that arranges jobs to be done by the computer in an appropriate order
computer hardware, hardware - (computer science) the mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical components making up a computer system
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While Terma Software's products have long supported any job scheduler, new functionality streamlines and centralizes the process for companies that utilize multiple scheduling platforms.
• Stage 1 involves a worm and adds it to the crontab, the list of tasks run at regular intervals by the cron scheduler on Linux.
2, a scheduling algorithm mainly constitutes a resource allocation phase which distributes resources among cellular and D2D users according to specific rules and inputs which differ from a scheduler to another.
The software that selects the processes to be scheduled according to a specific algorithm is called scheduler [1].
'Tell this committee why you want another scheduler. It doesn't make sense at all.
The scheduling in both downlink and uplink is carried out by scheduler present at the Medium Access Control (MAC) sub-layer of eNB.
With Xen, the host is called the domain, and Xen requires a scheduler to assign processors to each domain.
Angelina Burney will be transitioning from State Scheduler in the Senator's Anchorage office to the role of Office Manager in the Washington, D.C.
As the scheduler selects first the critical tasks, there are certain situations in which the tasks treating interrupts are not executed immediately.
The fair scheduler with fair chunk scheduling algorithm allocates fair share of resources to chunks.