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 (shĕf-lîr′ə, -lĕr′ə, shĕf′lər-ə)
Any of various evergreen shrubs or small trees of the genus Schefflera, having palmately compound leaves. Several species are cultivated as houseplants. Also called umbrella tree.

[New Latin Schefflera, genus name, after Jacob Christoph Scheffler, (1698-1742), German botanist and physician.]
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(Plants) any tropical tree or shrub in the genus Schefflera known for its compound leaves and flower clusters
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Noun1.schefflera - large genus of shrubby and climbing tropical plants having showy digitately compound foliageSchefflera - large genus of shrubby and climbing tropical plants having showy digitately compound foliage
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Araliaceae, family Araliaceae, ivy family - mostly tropical trees and shrubs and lianas: genera Panax and Hedera
Brassaia actinophylla, Schefflera actinophylla, umbrella tree - erect evergreen shrub or small tree of Australia and northern New Guinea having palmately compound leaves
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If you are not a super plant person who does not have ideal indoor growing conditions or free-time to spend on your plants, then consider building your plant display around easy-to-culture green plants like philodendrons, corn plants, scheffleras, fig trees, ferns, cacti, or other super growers that are able to cope with low light conditions.
For holidays, he also recommends scheffleras, silver queen, and aglaonema.
It's easy to propagate scheffleras if you know which sections are the most likely to root.