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The above analysis of a thought, though I believe it to be mistaken, is very useful as affording a schema in terms of which other theories can be stated.
Objective: To examine the mediating role of maladaptive schemas between permissive/authoritarian parenting by fathers and personality disorders, including histrionic, antisocial, narcissistic and depressive attitudes among adults.
Carroll's manipulation of social and linguistic context and schemas in this literary piece has created a non-sense world that disrupts the reader's existing schema and yet they accept and even identify with it by the end of the narrative.
The current study examined the early maladaptive schemas and substance use of a sample of adult substance abusers who have sought residential substance abuse treatment and their intimate partners (N = 102).
Written by a member of the W3C working group that developed the XML Schema for creating shared vocabularies, this book explains the W3C recommendation from an insider's perspective and introduces practical techniques for writing schemas to support any business-to-business Web service.
xSQL Schema Compare for SQL Server provides for comparing the schemas of two SQL Server databases, viewing the differences between the two schemas, choosing which ones of the differences to synchronize, generating safe schema change scripts, and finally executing the change script on the target database, to make the target database or selected parts of it the same as the source database.
Database schemas often do not provide explicit semantics for their data.
One important part of using schemas is being able to reference them within other XML documents.
XML and its associated technologies--XML Namespaces, XML Query languages, and XML Databases--are enabling implementers to develop metadata schemas, application profiles, large repositories of XML metadata, and search interfaces using XML Query Language.
the PATH and CONTAINER schemas frequently combine in expressions such as get into trouble, come into existence, etc.
Additionally, Schemas provide rules to ensure that the internal structure of the XML to which they apply remains predictable and consistent.
Since the schemas are read by software, errors in interpretation caused when different development teams read a paper specification are eliminated.

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