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Noun1.schematic drawing - diagram of an electrical or mechanical systemschematic drawing - diagram of an electrical or mechanical system
diagram - a drawing intended to explain how something works; a drawing showing the relation between the parts
wiring diagram - a schematic drawing of the wiring of an electrical system
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Tenders are invited for services of feasibility study through the schematic design phase.
Additionally, prior to the schematic design phase, Northstar Management developed a budget assessment tool for the core team of architect, engineer, program manager, construction manager, and owner to review at major milestones (design development, construction documents, etc.
The vote to advance the project to the schematic design phase was expected, given that the Nelson Place School Building Committee last month gave unanimous approval to a basic design for the project, which is expected to cost between $40 million and $50 million.
While the project is still in the schematic design phase, it will encompass a total of 1,500 square metres of space, with a 500 square metre building and the remaining dedicated to outdoor facilities with the maximum use of daylight and natural ventilation.
The schematic design phase is no longer the exclusive province of the architect," said Friedman.
As a partner, he is responsible for the development, coordination and oversight of the design team and technical disciplines associated with a project from its schematic design phase through construction administration.
During the Schematic Design phase of a project, rough luminaire layouts can be created using isofootcandle plots.
The ability of any system to adapt to changing usage patterns should be addressed during the schematic design phase, along with the ability of the system to serve immediate needs (Fig.
The Schematic Design phase usually takes about three months, depending on the scope of the project.
For each, the completed schematic design phase sets the stage for design development.
Generally, architects use a fixed fee for the phase of the work that they have the most control over, such as the preparation of working drawings, and use hourly rates for phases that are less predictable, like the early schematic design phase.
The project is currently beginning the schematic design phase and will feature a single, one-story facility complete with full-sized gymnasium, commons area, music room, playfields and support and parking facilities.