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Noun1.schematic drawing - diagram of an electrical or mechanical systemschematic drawing - diagram of an electrical or mechanical system
diagram - a drawing intended to explain how something works; a drawing showing the relation between the parts
wiring diagram - a schematic drawing of the wiring of an electrical system
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A complex schematic drawing package, or design database, usually starts with a system-block diagram showing all the parts of the design on the first sheet.
Such a schematic drawing could allow one to infer the existence of a "bottom" of the wrinkle and indeed some authors propose to eliminate wrinkles by filling the wrinkle from the bottom...
With the aim of translating the schematic drawing in Figure 9 into woven patterns, Figure 10 is presented.
As you'll undoubtedly recall, a source with a mixed track record shared a leaked schematic drawing he claimed shows the iPhone 8's rear housing design.
In fact, a schematic drawing of his planned installation, reprinted in the brochure for the current exhibition, indicates that O'Doherty's Here and One were situated close to where Newman had placed his own sculpture, Here I.
Caption: Figure 2: Schematic drawing showing the BSS fluid from an elevated bottle entering the eye through the infusion cannula and egressing through the needle lavaging the hemorrhagic vitreous cavity.
Photograph (a) and schematic drawing (b) to show the trifurcated trunk of the second part of the axillary artery.
I'm interested specifically in learning more about a ship called the SS Mont Blanc, which the Dixon Company built in 1899 - a photo of the vessel in dry dock or at launch would be ideal; so would a schematic drawing or blueprint for the ship.
P&ID schematic drawing is a small market of $80 million worldwide, according to Autodesk.
A schematic drawing indicates how an electrode stimulates the auditory nerve and processes sound to link him with normal life.
1, we provide a schematic drawing of our proposed detector that uses helium-3 to convert incoming neutrons to charged particles and detects the associated charge on wire strips.