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Noun1.schematic drawing - diagram of an electrical or mechanical systemschematic drawing - diagram of an electrical or mechanical system
diagram - a drawing intended to explain how something works; a drawing showing the relation between the parts
wiring diagram - a schematic drawing of the wiring of an electrical system
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I'm interested specifically in learning more about a ship called the SS Mont Blanc, which the Dixon Company built in 1899 - a photo of the vessel in dry dock or at launch would be ideal; so would a schematic drawing or blueprint for the ship.
A schematic drawing indicates how an electrode stimulates the auditory nerve and processes sound to link him with normal life.
1, we provide a schematic drawing of our proposed detector that uses helium-3 to convert incoming neutrons to charged particles and detects the associated charge on wire strips.
One typical instance is the discovery of a cable not featured on a schematic drawing of the existing wiring.
Need a schematic drawing showing DNA packing into chromatin for that lecture you promised to give tomorrow?
In the schematic drawing for the back-relieved die in figure 1 (top), rubber flows perpendicular to the dashed lines, representing constant pressure from high pressure to low pressure.
Figure 3 presents a schematic drawing of a typical automatic in-stream inoculation utilizing compressed air as the inoculant carrier.
Using aerial photography, he discovered that children as young as four years old can orient themselves to a schematic drawing using a bird's-eye perspective.
The non-traditional poetry format developed for exploration of the Spittelau Heating Plant is called a schematic poem because the worksheet diagram resembles a schematic drawing.
This schematic drawing shows a typical power supply connection to a coreless induction furnace coil.
385/380 BCE) and times, period map of Greece, schematic drawing of the theater of Dionysos at Athens, and glossary of Greek words.
Each schematic drawing depicted a different county in Kansas or Missouri, eliciting identification in its inhabitants (past and present) but a curious emptiness in the rest of us.