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Schematical lime-temperature behavior for analyzing the crystallization process for an idealized temperature-time behavior during cooling derived from the conventional manufacturing cooling step.
1) [universe], tool for schematical capture of electronic circuits.
What is more, Laos is a special case since most of its territory is a kind of frontier region in the sense of Scott's (2009) schematical division between state and non-state spaces.
He also presented a schematical line drawing of a cyst with an ovoid archeopyle, transversally elongated (Dodge, 1982; Nehring, 1994: fig.
This article analyses, in a schematical way, the conceptual guidance in the financial reports preparing and presenting process.
Schemas are embedded and hierarchically structured in multiple fashions: in a schematical network, one concept can be part of several super-ordinate categories: the schema for "cat" is subsumed by the schema for "feline" (which also includes "lion," "tiger," etc.
A schematical overview of the derivation of a discount rate that is expressed as a WACC is set out below:
In practice, it is often difficult to distinguish the third factor from the first, so that a schematical representation of Spatial Aptitude has been proposed with only two factors ordered in a speed/power continuum and a simple/complex processing dimension: SR tests are classified as speeded and simple--with three-dimensional mental rotation as the least speeded and least simple type of test in this half of the continuum--while VZ tests occupy the other end, with Surface Development tests illustrating maximum power and complexity (Pellegrino, Alderton, & Shute, 1984).