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The first foregrounded element appears in the form of schematization: A figure stood in the darkness, in an attempt to dehumanize Father Gerald.
The popular Indian postcolonial theorist, Gayatri Spivak in her seminal essay, "Can the Subaltern Speak?" interrogates the schematization of the Western feminists who have formed hegemony on the discourse of global gender inequalities, and have turned themselves into mouthpieces for third world women.
Some artists seek to purge excess as they simplify their work, pushing toward schematization and abstraction; others follow a more baroque countervailing impulse, diving into intricacy, relishing accretion and ornament.
Nakamura's model allows schematization of self-limiting nature when the bridge velocity becomes large.
The following figure (Figure 8) reports a schematization of the section conductor, the geometrical data, and the main mechanical characteristics.
Caption: Figure 2: Experiment #1: schematization of the disposition of the SE along the row of trees.
If this kind of schematization strikes the reader as suspiciously tidy, it initially had the same impact on this reviewer.
In his analysis of Arabic aesthetic concepts, Vilchez approaches the existing discourse with both close readings and wider schematization, hoping to follow and enrich the work of scholars who have shown him their individual chapters of a yet-to-be written history of aesthetic thought in the Arabic language.
It can be noted that IMEP and in-cylinder peak pressure are satisfactorily predicted (average error of 2.13 and 2.26%, respectively), denoting the good accuracy in both engine geometrical schematization and combustion description.
in a radical schematization and in a contemporary perspective may have,