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tr.v. sche·ma·tized, sche·ma·tiz·ing, sche·ma·tiz·es
To express in or reduce to a scheme: a diagram that schematizes the creation and consumption of wealth.

[Greek skhēmatizein, to give form to, from skhēma, skhēmat-, form; see scheme.]

sche′ma·ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.schematization - providing a chart or outline of a system
representation - an activity that stands as an equivalent of something or results in an equivalent
2.schematization - the act of reducing to a scheme or formula
reduction, simplification - the act of reducing complexity
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1) laser grammy 3d survey and 360 panoramic photo surveys 2) tqc acquisition and data processing monitoring services (as built) - monitoring of grammatical laser readings and 360 panoramic photos during on-site acquisition, - 360 point cloud and panoramic photo monitoring after on-site acquisition - tqc data processing 3) 3d cad data modeling services from point cloud data - complete or partial re-modeling of the data; - 3d schematization of the data.
If this kind of schematization strikes the reader as suspiciously tidy, it initially had the same impact on this reviewer.
In his analysis of Arabic aesthetic concepts, Vilchez approaches the existing discourse with both close readings and wider schematization, hoping to follow and enrich the work of scholars who have shown him their individual chapters of a yet-to-be written history of aesthetic thought in the Arabic language.
26%, respectively), denoting the good accuracy in both engine geometrical schematization and combustion description.
For Graeber, that schematization follows in large part from the freedom granted by power to ignore context, and the resulting "blinkered perspectives typical of the powerful" (p.
3--Generate a schematization for the study area including all the existing and the potential projects.
Schematization of the discrete-time Short Time Fourier Transform Parameters # Tool Material Process N (rev/min)- geometry f (mm/rev) Two fluted UD Glass CNC machine a drill-[empty set]6 fibers 1 N:7500 Gundrill -[empty set] Positive feed N:2300-f: b 9.
The subjects of this frantic rush forward paradoxically came to think of themselves as timeless beings, alleging that the schematization of the ego happens even faster than it can be thought in the mind, without the need to pass through that which mediates (vermitteln) the appearances and without the need to affirm the underlying, empirical or spatial substrate.
14) Besides the fact that the schematization has the merit of offering a general overview of Mises's framing of the sciences of human action, the diagram adds a new subfield to praxeology: "praxeological ethics.
Maurice Merleau-Ponty wrote, "To return to things themselves is to return to that world which precedes knowledge, of which knowledge always speaks, and in relation to which every scientific schematization is an abstract and derivative sign-language, as is geography in relation to the country-side in which we have learnt beforehand what a forest, a prairie or a river is.
In a compendium like this, extreme compression is mandatory, along with a certain schematization that can distort some of the more distinctive voices in the choir.
He aimed to provide a basis to establish a general schematization of literary theory as a kind of world poetics.