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Any of various medium-grained to coarse-grained metamorphic rocks composed of laminated, often flaky parallel layers of chiefly micaceous minerals.

[French schiste, from Latin (lapis) schistos, fissile (stone), a kind of iron ore, from Greek skhistos, split, divisible, from skhizein, to split; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]

schis′tose′ (shĭs′tōs′), schis′tous (-təs) adj.
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Schistose formations also form potential aquifiers when the wells tapping contact zones with intrusives.
The standard and most commonly used technique for evaluation of intestinal helminthes and schistose infections remains microscopy for direct egg detection in the stool and species identification.
The dominant rock types in the area include low grade metamorphic rock such as chlorite schist, schistose quartzite, and quartz mica schist along with high grade migmatites and gneisses.
In our taxonomic framework this taxon has been recognized several times in the same region, with indifferent behaviour for edaphic conditions, occurring also on schistose soils from Serra do Caldeirao till Seixe river basin, mainly among Q.
The bituminous shales of Tetouan and Bab Taz sites are Upper Cretaceous-Cenomanian in age and are included in schistose marls (Figs.
Reflected light microscopy indicates an approximate total of 10% graphite variably as discrete flakes and in poorly defined shreds, mostly intricately intergrown within the distorted schistose biotite, but rarely incorporated within the equally irregular quartz layers.
In mine geology terminology, the main components of the shear zone are chlorite mottled schist, quartz-sericite (chlorite) schist, bodies of schistose and fragmental andesite, and dacite dykes and sills.
It lies on a broad expanse of clay and limestone, very different from the friable schistose soils at Chteau Sainte Marguerite.
The schists are usually highly schistose and well foliated, with well developed micaceous cleavage planes along which they will shatter if force is applied.