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Any of various medium-grained to coarse-grained metamorphic rocks composed of laminated, often flaky parallel layers of chiefly micaceous minerals.

[French schiste, from Latin (lapis) schistos, fissile (stone), a kind of iron ore, from Greek skhistos, split, divisible, from skhizein, to split; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]

schis′tose′ (shĭs′tōs′), schis′tous (-təs) adj.
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1. (Geological Science) another word for schistose
2. another word for schistose
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Common rigid treatment structures include a self-weight retaining wall, antislide piles, or a schistous slope wall.
The best wines of Morgon come from schistous or slate soils, rather than granite, such as the Cote de Py.