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Fruits are a schizocarp, globular in shape, yellow- brown colour when ripe and ribbed.
Cap = capsule; Ach = achene; Fol = follicle; Utr = utricle; Dru = drupe; Sam = samara; Cyp = cypsela; Ber = berry; Cer = ceratium; Sch= schizocarp; Leg= legume; Lom= loment; Car= caryopsis; Coc = coccarium.
Fruit type: datpe = 0; unilocular capsule = 1; trilocular capsule = 2; schizocarp = 3; berry = 4; samara = 5.
The upper flowers are staminate whereas lower ones are pistillate (Figures 1A, B).The scanning electron microscopic analysis revealed that fruit is a globular schizocarp measuring 2.2 x 2.5 mm having smooth surface architecture with four deep longitudinal sutures and a square shaped scar on upper side having four elongated points, which are the remains of the stigmas (Figure 1C).
Fruit a schizocarp, forming a beak-like shape Cucurbitaceae Gourd Annual or perennial herbs, palmate 5-lobed leaves.