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 (skĭ-zŏj′ə-nəs, skĭt-sŏj′-)
1. Relating to or characterized by schizogenesis.
2. Relating to or characterized by schizogony.
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Disorders such as schizophrenia are now recognized to be neurodevelopmental, marked by premorbid neurocognitive deficits, a significant change from the "schizogenic mother" approach of previous decades.
However, an often overlooked part of Fabian's argument inserted the discussion of the denial of coevalness within an analysis of the "schizogenic" temporality of anthropology, that is, its "aporetic split" between the recognition of the shared time of the ethnological encounter and the common denial of such coevalness in anthropological theorizing.
Epitokous or schizogenic metamorphosis has never been observed in this population.