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1. Psychiatry Of, relating to, or affected with schizophrenia.
2. Of, relating to, or characterized by the coexistence of disparate or antagonistic elements: "I vacillated back and forth without once perceiving that my impulses were schizophrenic" (Shirley Abbott). "The university has always been a schizophrenic institution, with dual allegiances to tradition and to progress" (Molly Worthen).
One who is affected with schizophrenia.

schiz′o·phren′i·cal·ly adv.
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advschizophren; a schizophrenically disturbed personein Mensch mit Bewusstseinsspaltung
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Ordinary gossipers, for example, are social media folk who schizophrenically post gossip on their timelines in a mad chase for clicks, followers, comments and other forms of gratification.One could also argue that advertisers and public relations practitioners peddle gossip, creating realities that they want their audiences to believe and making money in the process.
an originality that is not left schizophrenically behind, but rather taken up as model, as principium individuationis.
The typology of choice-freedom, which can be exercised, almost schizophrenically and paradoxically, either in an individualist-absolutist way or in a way taking account of the web of social relationships within which one acts.
36) the language and imagery used in branding a university somewhat schizophrenically as both corporate and educational limits the ability of such institutions to project a particular 'personality', a form of genericide.
Less schizophrenically, the Court might be suggesting that age eighteen is the (current) legally defined boundary between childhood and adulthood, and that its developmental analysis appropriately applies only to legal distinctions within the legally defined category of childhood.
"We need Pakistan, Pakis-tan needs us, but we don't need Pakistan double-dealing and not seeing the justice in bringing Osama bin Laden to an end," Lindsey Graham, a senate Republican who pushed for the additional cut in aid said, while calling Pakistan "schizophrenically".
This understanding of coherence helps illuminate assertions that the law should "speak with one voice" (35) or that judges should "make sense rather than nonsense out of the corpus juris" (36) If, say, a legal system's rules of contract law are best understood as advancing the value of economic efficiency at great expense to the value of equality in the distribution of material resources, but its system of tort rules can only be understood as embodying the opposite ranking, the corpus juris as a whole fails to "make sense" by schizophrenically speaking with multiple voices at once.
It seems to me there are, schizophrenically, two Russias.
Furthermore, some of these aims conflict, at least in the short run, requiring Russian policymakers to choose among them or behave schizophrenically".
In such episodes, his identity schizophrenically fluctuates, as he is unable to either recover or completely banish the shadow of his past life, remaining perpetually tormented by his internal conflict and the inability to resolve it.
In contrast to Cambodian elections, which could be said to (sometimes schizophrenically) interact with both an international and domestic audience, the performances discussed here are aimed quite exclusively at a domestic audience.