schizotypal personality

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Noun1.schizotypal personality - characterized by symptoms similar to but less severe than schizophrenia
personality disorder - inflexible and maladaptive patterns of behavior
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Reports showed Bradley had a social anxiety disorder and a probable schizotypal personality disorder.
The Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire (SPQ) is a yes/no self-report of 74 items (Raine, 1991) that cover three domains: cognitive-perceptual or positive features, interpersonal or negative features, and disorganized features.
Further, both high- (relative to low-) creative achievers and those with PLM (relative to those with no PLM) scored significantly higher on a schizotypal personality measure of overinclusive thinking.
The SPQ-74 is a 74-item true-false questionnaire assessing nine diagnostic criteria of schizotypal personality according to DSM-III-R.
The representation of borderline, avoidant, obsessive-compulsive, and schizotypal personality disorders by the five-factor model.
Some previous studies have reported similar findings in patients with prominent negative symptoms or individuals with negative schizotypal personality features.
Similarly, some commentators would deem early-onset schizotypal behaviors a prodrome of the development of schizophrenia or the less debilitating schizotypal personality disorder (Kwapil & Barrantes-Vidal.
personality disorder (paranoid, schizoid or schizotypal personality
La estrategia de busqueda primaria fue la esquizotipia y se desarrollo para cada base de datos combinando las siguientes palabras clave: anhedonia, social anhedonia, magical thinking, perceptual aberration, perceptual ideation, magical ideation, desorganized schizotypy, schizotypal personality, SPQ.
A psychiatrist testified that Hernandez' schizotypal personality disorder could induce this type of delusion.
For example, while an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is the most common Axis II disorder in the United States and Australia, avoidant personality disorder is most common in Norway and schizotypal personality disorder is most common in Iceland.